“Yoga is for all”
B.K.S. Iyengar


8 on-line Iyengar Classes

Freedom Through Discipline

March to November 2021

with Silvia Stocche, Julia Mattos e Geisa França

10am – 12am (GMT -3) Brazil

27/03 - Mobility and Stability

24/ 04 - Root and Shoot

22/05 - Extension and Expansion

12/06 - Compactness

14/08 - Direction in the asana practice

18/09 - Firmness x rigidness

16/10 -Breathing in asana practice

20/11 - Sthira Sukham asanam

Edwin Bryant workshop “Upanishads” 

  CIYSP online

 25 & 26 September 2021

2pm - 5pm (GMT -3) Sao Paulo

1pm - 4pm (EDT) NYC

6pm - 9pm (GMT +1) Lisbon

7pm - 10pm (GMT +2) Germany


The workshop will be in English with translation to Portuguese.

35% of the proceeds will be donated to Edwin´s charity in India 


The links with the recordings of the classes will be available to all participants for 14 days after the workshop.

Rosana Seligmann & Noah Brandsch

Charity workshop for Kids & Teens

May 11

Charity Workshop  for Kids & Teens

100% of the proceeds will go SEFRAS to feed the street people in São Paulo


16:30 (GMT -3)

Gabriella Giubilaro for the Children
in Ethiopia

May 07, 08, 09

Busajo Onlus was founded in 2009 in Florence with the aim of supporting theyounger generations by promoting projects in favor of the poorest childrenwith more urgent needs, trying to achieve measurable results and progressesin the path of self-sufficiency of the people and of the populationsinvolved.


For more information about the project


The workshop will be in English and the recordings will be available for 2 weeks after.


Thank you for supporting the cause!