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Online and hybrid classes


Dear yoga family,
“The practice of yoga helps us face the turmoil of life with   firmness and stability”,says BKS Iyengar. With that certainty, the CIYSP starts offering online Iyengar Yoga classes from March 23rd.
CIYSP teachers are unanimous in relation to the preference for face-to-face classes, where the teacher sees the student, feels his breathing, adjusts him, etc. Nothing can replace that relationship. But being sure that we are going through an atypical moment and with a huge desire to sow yoga not only for those who want to keep in touch with their teachers (even if now virtually), but also for children and teenagers who are interested in yoga , we have temporarily opted for two models of online classes:

Classes for beginner students or yoga teachers through “Zoom

Regular live classes for our students will be broadcast via the free “Zoom” app, which can be downloaded via computer and/or cell phone. 
We will make available  on our website, recordings of some of the live classes, complementary classes, sequences, articles, etc., so that everyone has the stimulus, the possibility, the material and the discipline to practice, at least, the amount of times they practiced a few days ago.
For our best organization, please let us know if you are interested in participating in the classes via Zoom live and at what times. 

Level I students must opt for one or more classes, as long as it is level I (beginners). Level II students should not opt for Level III classes. Level II and III students can take Level I classes.

Those who are interested in purchasing accessories or practice books, please contact us at  or via WhatsApp (11) 99923-0015

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With the certainty that if we face this period together (and lucky enough to be under the light of yoga!), everything will be easier. We will all come out stronger.

Any questions, please, we are at your disposal.
AUM Shanti,
Rosana, Silvia, Julia and the CIYSP team
#stay at home

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