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In-person workshop

with Garth Mclean at CIYSP

Yoga & the nervous system

Adapting to the needs of nervous system conditions


11 to 13 November 2023

“Every day we must walk the line

fine line between courage and caution.”

BKS Iyengar


Senior teacher and yoga therapist Garth returns to São Paulo for an in-person workshop in November!


Using the tools of Iyengar yoga, Garth offers an adaptive approach to improving bodily functions and balancing the mind, especially when we are facing adversity.


The workshop is intended foryoga teachers and therapists and students who want to learn from Garth's living experience. It may be of particular interest to those with neurological conditions (multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's, etc.), lupus, fibromyalgia, “long covid” and those interested in exploring Iyengar yoga to balance and calm their nervous system.


Saturday – 10am – 12:30pm


Garth will start the session by telling you a little about neurological disorders, their stages and symptoms. The class will include an asana practice focused on the principles we should keep in mind when we practice


Saturday – 4:30 pm – 6:30 pm


Restorative Exploration


Restorative asanas can help alleviate fatigue by offering rest, rehabilitation and recovery to the muscles and internal organs. This type of recovery can provide deeper rest than sleep for both the mind and body, especially when done in combination with a more dynamic practice, such as a morning session. A restorative practice can help recover from any fatigue that may be present, as well as acting as a practical way to alleviate stress levels, make the body available and conserve energy.


Props and supports, tailored to each individual's needs, will allow the physical body to settle deeply, giving it a rest so it can continue to function. It is a practical tool for combating fatigue caused by MS and other neurological disorders. This restorative session will address potential dips in energy after the morning practice, stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system, and inspire curiosity in one's own embodied experience to elevate our emotional and mental well-being so that we are not ruled by any type of fear. , evasion or denial that may accompany the diagnoses of these diseases.



Sunday - 9am – 11:30am


This session will be a pragmatic and deep dive into more advanced asanas, in order to further empower and elevate the practitioner. Whether you are looking for a way to take a step forward to overcome limitations, or seeking a more complex approach to asanas that have a profound health benefit of functional mobility, this class will address challenging situations and the steps we can safely take to we move forward. Bring your curiosity and an open mind!


Sunday – 3pm – 5pm


Restorative and Pranayama Session + Questions & Answers


Participating in the 4 classes is ideal and recommended for the practitioner to have a full experience of the scope of the teachings.


Monday - 9am – 12pm


Intermediate to advanced level asana class, based on the level 3 list. This class is suitable for regular practitioners who are not necessarily affected by an issue related to the nervous system or restricted movement. Those with multiple sclerosis or any other neurological issue who wish to participate in this class are most welcome as alternatives will be offered. We will also work on several asanas that are beneficial for achieving a healthy nervous system.


Participating in the 5 classes is ideal and recommended for the practitioner to have a full experience of the scope of the teachings.


The workshop will be in English with translation into Portuguese.

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